10% investment in supporting communities
and protecting climate change

Corporate Sustainability

Every company and person has a co-responsibility to take care of our global community and sustainably protect our environment. Fordist Group continues to search for ways to increase its impact in making a difference, and  since 2017 we commit to invest an amount representing at least 10% of Fordist Group’s yearly net profits into this cause as listed below.

Contact us if you are a non-profit organisation that wishes to cooperate with us.

Fordist Group Employee Volunteering Program

All Fordist Group employees are offered up to 3 days paid leave per year to contribute time & work for a cause they most believe in, at a non-profit organisation of their choice. The program is geographically flexible so employees can decide to do it either in their home country or abroad.

Fordist Group Carbon Reduction Program

As strongly growing business in the distribution and fulfilment industry we believe Fordist Group has an important role to play in reducing CO2 emissions and reducing waste. We will continue to invest in improving the efficiency of our processes (e.g. optimizing transportation volumes, packaging) and in implementing initiatives (e.g. reducing relative electricity use and gradual shift to renewable energy) that support this cause.

Our goal is to reach the relatively lowest CO2 emissions in our industry – and we have a long way to go! In the meantime, whatever we do not manage to reduce we aim to compensate by investing part of our profits into renewably energy, forestry and resource conservation projects which generate reductions in greenhouse gas emissions (referred as ‘carbon offsetting’).

Below you can find frequently asked questions on this topic.

FAQ - Carbon Offsetting

How does carbon offsetting work?

By purchasing carbon credits to offset their emissions businesses contribute essential finance to projects that play an important role in the mitigation of climate change and that otherwise would financially not be viable.

Projects that sell carbon credits include, for example, investments in renewable energy initiatives, forest protection from illegal logging or wind farms that displace fossil fuel. These projects must meet essential quality criteria verified by third parties, demonstrate that  they achieve greenhouse gas emission reductions, and that the carbon credits are necessary to make the initiative financially viable. A high quality projects must moreover prove as well that its emission reduction does not increase emissions in another area. Every carbon credit that is generated by a project has a unique identification number and can only be sold once to one business only, as managed via third-party registries.

What is the role of carbon offsetting in reducing the risks and impacts of climate change?

On its own, carbon offsetting does not represent a full solution to global warming, but it does result in a reduction of emissions and contribute to building a low carbon economy as long as the projects are funding genuinely beneficial, sustainable environmental projects that would not have happened otherwise.

For example, if you invest into a wind energy project that without the carbon offsetting investment would not have been possible, a business is increasing the global supply of renewable energy and hence reducing the amount of fossil fuels consumed in future. This contributes (in a small way) to our world’s shift onto a greener path with less CO2 emissions.

What is your project selection procedure?

Every year the corporate sustainability committee will select 3-5 projects that differ in project type and geographical location, and our employees will collectively choose which ones to focus on. We prioritize projects that show maximum transparency on the usage and progress of our investments.

Who does Fordist Group cooperate with as part of the carbon offsetting program?

This is a new program that was rolled out in 2017 and eventually our employees choose which projects to focus on. We continue to look for potential partners so do feel free to contact us at start@fordistgroup.eu if your services can help Fordist Group to fulfil this program.

Where can I find project examples and generally more information on carbon offsetting?

There are many sites that provide project examples and detailed information on the valuation and impact of carbon offsetting projects. We recommend the following sites:

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hands holding a tree arranged as a heart shape on cracked earth / growing tree / love nature / save the world / csr
wind turbines generating electricity at the beach,green energy background
Solar PV Rooftop Cloud Reflect