What we do

We (i) increase your sales by distributing your products to gaps in the market (i.e. the mid and especially long tail channel), and/or we (ii) provide a tailored and effective fulfilment solution so you can focus on your brand sales & strategy.

Whether you only ship a few packages or several thousand orders per day, and whether you need to distribute small or large products, we can provide tailor-made solutions that meet your needs.

Fordist Group offers 2 business models:

1. Distribution Partnership

We offer incremental sales to brand owners and resellers by using our growing retail network supported by a powerful salesforce and experienced Marketing professionals. We continuously aim to increase our coverage in the mid and long tail channel, and niche and other markets that are usually not penetrated or undercovered by many brands.

2. Fulfilment Partnership

We provide our partners a tailored and complete outsourced logistics solution offering warehousing, pick & pack, labelling, product rework, and transport. Our state of the art warehouse management solution will ensure fast and reliable processing, and automated instant reporting to and communication with your systems (e.g. EDI).

Each business model is exclusively supported by the following services:

Retail Strategy & Marketing

This consultancy branch has strong  multi-country retail, pricing and channel management experience in 25 countries, helping you to enter new markets, more effectively manage the channels (e.g. offline vs. online), or staying ahead of competition with tactical Sales & Marketing activities.

We don’t only plan your success but our logistic & sales operations will also implement them.

Automated Reporting & System Integration

Our sophisticated software solutions enable daily automated interactions between Fordist Group and its partners, allowing fully automated services such as reporting or day-to-day order processing.

This automation is key for an efficient, reliable and easily scalable distribution and fulfilment business partnership.

Product Rework

Often the localisation of products is difficult to implement in your global or regional factories, or not as efficient as when carried out by your logistics partner. Fordist Group helps you to cost effectively insert or add items, repackage, and individually label your products according to your needs.

If required, the Retail Strategy & Marketing division provides you creative ideas on sales promotions (e.g. multipacks, bundles, etc.)

Inventory Clearance

Many manufacturers face at some point the challenge of end of life (EOL) overstock that impedes the transition to their new, usually more profitable and/or competitive product line-up.

Whether you are a distribution or fulfilment partner, Fordist Group helps you to reduce your inventory by implementing strong sales promotions and temporarily distributing the products to new sales channels. For each sales action we plan together we make sure to have limited impact on your focus retail network.

If needed, we can also help you to liquidate your damaged or unhealthy inventory.