Why choose us

We have a passion for brands, and we treat your products as if they were ours. We are implementing all learnings and best practices of 31 years consolidated sales & distribution experience, and combined with our state-of-the-art systems and processes we effectively tackle your business challenges and deliver results. We always take 100% ownership of your packaging and logistic related matters and make sure your goods leave our warehouse in excellent conditions.

For us, a logistic partnership goes much beyond simple transportation from a to b, and we strive towards one goal: create a success story with a full 360degree solution for YOU. Below are 8 reasons why working with Fordist Group will benefit you.

8 Reasons why we are your suitable logistics business partner

1. Young, fast & flexible company

We are a young and dynamic company that sets the highest bar for automation and scalability. This is reflected by the industry’s leading soft- and hardware solutions that we continue to invest in – eventually facilitating your logistic related matters and business in a most efficient way.
Moreover, given the relatively smaller size of our company we have a very flat hierarchy structure, and combined with the fresh, personal and tailored approach of our management we can offer you uncompromised flexibility and speed of implementation of your projects and needs that arise along our cooperation.

2. Efficient storage & transport

Fordist Group’s streamlined pick & pack processes combined with a sophisticated state of the art management system offer excellent order and delivery accuracy, if required even with serial number tracking. Fordist Group continues to invest every year in hardware that make our services more efficient and effective. For example, the latest investment was automated pallet wrapping and dimension control for secure and reliable transport.
Moreover, our warehouse is strategically located in the center of Europe which enables cost-effective and fast transport. Based in Pilsen (Czech Republic) it borders 5 EU countries in near distance (e.g. 80km to the German border) and reaches 26 countries in less than 1000km.

3. Automated system integration

Our state of the art warehouse management system ensures highest accuracy and reliability in our day-to-day inventory management. Moreover, we can integrate both your and our systems in order to have a fully automated cooperation (e.g. via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)) with practically “live mutual communication” on all stock, transport and sales related matters. This includes for example stock inventory updates, order processing, advance shipment notifications, and sales reports.

4. Cost efficient product rework

We can tailor your products individually to your market, channel or promotion needs, whether it involves designing, manufacturing and implementing complete new packaging (e.g. multipacks, bundles), or just adding promotional materials or products to existing boxes.

As these reworks are tailored and often temporary they usually are labour intensive and cannot be streamlined or automated. However since our warehouse is based in the Czech Republic where total industry labour cost is 60% lower* than the average in EU-28 we are able to provide you very affordable solutions. Learn more about product rework here.

* Source: Eurostat (2016) Labour cost levels by NACE Rev. 2 activity. 2015 data, total figures taken for Industry, construction and services (except public administration, defense, compulsory social security)

5. Inventory clearance

If you face overstock and your existing channels are saturated, or if you like to accelerate the market transition to your new product line-up, we help you to reduce your inventory with limited impact on your focus markets/channels.

We can also clear your damaged or unhealthy stock through our liquidation partners.

6. Product portfolio flexibility

Whereas some distributors and fulfilment centers may focus only on one or limited number of product categories (e.g.  sortable & “easier to streamline”-sized items), Fordist Group offers you full flexibility regarding the size, weight or type of your product. This is especially interesting for partners with a large diversified product portfolio or those who consider potentially expanding it in the mid term.

7a. Distribution partners: Retail Strategy Consultancy

For distribution partners, Fordist Group’s dedicated Retail Strategy & Marketing team can support your business growth both strategically and tactically, leveraging strong multi-country retail, pricing and channel management experience in 25 countries. Our management comes from leading manufacturers (e.g. Sony Europe, ECG) and retailers (e.g. Amazon Europe, expert CZ/SK).

This consultancy branch gives Fordist Group the unique advantage of not only providing retail intelligence & strategy, but also being able to logistically implement and track (and where necessary adjust) all plans in an efficient and effective way.

7b. Fulfilment partners: Incremental Sales

One major difference between a distribution and fulfilment partnership is that the fulfilment company usually ships only to your customers on your behalf.

Thanks to its distribution business Fordist Group has a strong salesforce and access to a growing retail network. This provides you an excellent opportunity, at any stage of our fulfilment cooperation, to simultaneously enter a distribution cooperation and access new channels and/or markets for incremental sales with Fordist Group.

Our Market Entry & Channel Management team in the Retail Strategy & Marketing department will be happy to carefully plan your brand expansion.

8. Partnership that becomes "greener every year"

Our goal is to reach the relatively lowest CO2 emissions in our industry which contributes to our vision being relatively the most environment friendly distribution and fulfilment partner.

We have a long way to go, but we commit to invest every year an amount representing at least 10% of Fordist Group’s yearly net profits in internal and external projects that support our global communities and protect climate change. More information here.