Daumen hoch von Leute als Gratulation

Meet Our Employees

Our outmost priority is that you like working at Fordist Group and fit comfortably well into our work culture. For this, one crucial part is to better get to know the people you would work with before joining the company. Every candidate will have the opportunity to meet at least three potential future colleagues, but upon request you can also get a tour through our premises and meet more people. To start with, you can find short interviews with some of our employees below.


Backoffice Assistant

Can you tell us something about yourself?
I joined Fordist in spring 2016 and since day 1 I’ve been called the “lucky woman” because my boyfriend regularly cooks lunch for me :). In my spare time in summer I truly enjoy motorbiking trips with friends which I really find liberating. I also love to travel, both abroad but also within the Czech Republic which has so much to offer.

What do you currently do at Fordist Group?
One major part of my day-to-day work is to coordinate orders with our many suppliers which are not yet able to work with our automated systems, and I make sure that the products are delivered on time to our distribution customers.

What do you like about working here?
Fordist Group is a relatively young company that quickly evolves into a strong medium-sized organisation and I am proud that I can be part of its growth and success story. However most importantly, I really enjoy working with my colleagues.

Who do you think would fit in the company?
As in every company I believe any talented and loyal people who like to take responsibility would fit well here. Probably one Fordist-specific required characteristic would be the ability and willingness to self-develop oneself as the company is growing fast and not yet many structured training processes are in place.

What is your most memorable moment at Fordist Group so far?
I often remember the first night out with the whole department when we had good food and drinks and got to know each other more. I hope there are many more ahead of us :).

..and how about in your personal life?
Oh that’s a tough one! There were many memorable moments in my life but I often think of the “Venetian run” I experienced with a friend of mine. We went on a trip alone to one of the Venetian islands which really was fantastic. At the end of the day we realized that our returning boat was departing on the complete opposite of the island. We had 15min to run across the entire island, without speaking Italian and any idea where we were. It was quite chaotic! but we eventually just made it on time and got one of the last seats outside in the cold – well better than swimming back :).


IT Specialist

What do you currently do at Fordist?
I oversee the management and maintenance of the company’s peripherals and generally make sure that all our IT processes run smoothly and are continuously upgraded. Currently I’m mostly excited about the integration of our recent software solutions that will further enhance the automated processes with our business partners.

From an IT perspective, what do you find most challenging working at Fordist?
Fordist Group has a very high bar when it comes to scalability and automation. There are days I am involved with improving a wide range of information systems  (e.g. ERP, WMS, EDI, etc.), and I continue to learn new things, so sometimes it can really be challenging to process everything stored on my SSD brain :). Moreover, I need to be constantly 100% alert on maintaining an uncompromised system solution to our business partners.

What do you like about working at Fordist?
One of the reasons I look forward every morning to work is because of an amazing team, it’s like working in a large family that shares both laughter as well as tears (btw I was not paid to say that :)). Another thing I appreciate is the rapid and continuous improvement of our IT processes that I can be part of, and the fact  that we overall have a  very strong cooperation between IT and our backoffice which makes my everyday life much more fun and efficient. At last but not least there is our faithful helper Luki, the company cat. She is the only colleague who listens for hours and never judges me for sleeping by my keyboard, wearing wrinkled shirts or having clutter on the table.

Can you share a memorable moment of your private life with us? 
Among my most beautiful experiences of my life is a pre-Christmas evening when I went to a supermarket in my Slovak hometown, in Poprad. A homeless man begged me for money that I initially declined thinking it was for alcohol. However when he asked for 50 cents for some bread that was on sale, and seeing the sincerity and sadness in his eyes, and toilet paper wrapped around his feet in winter time, I took him to the store with me. He told me a heartbreaking story of how he got into his situation. The least I could do was to buy him socks, shoes and basic food like milk, cheese and bread. Overall it cost me around 15 Euros, almost insignificant to me but seeing his tears of emotion made me realise the value of money and how little it takes for a better Christmas.

What do you like doing outside work?
In my spare time I enjoy further developing my IT skills in web design, scripting or coding for example. I love netball and skating and still sometimes do combat sports that I used to practice professionally. I also do like the occasional solitude, having a beer while watching the starry sky (outside the luminous Prague) and thinking about everything in life. My favourite of all however is spending time outside between autumn and winter when snowfall begins, ideally combined with mulled wine!