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Manufacturers and resellers have chosen us as preferred partner for their distribution needs to additional markets and channels where their products are not yet present in.

We focus on the mid and long tail channels as they often are both underestimated and/or undercovered by many brands. This includes, but is not limited to, small to medium sized retailers, multi-category shops, and specialists that each want to expand their product portfolio but lack the capacity, or purchase power, to work directly with each manufacturer. Even though many customers are relatively very small, together they can represent significant volumes.

Below graph shows an example of head to long tail retail sales distribution. This highly differs by market and product category but in most cases mid to long tail resellers have a significant double digit market share.



Based on your product portfolio and after initial discussion we can commit to our distribution partners:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • Regular business growth planning, also supported by our Retail Strategy & Marketing team
  • Up to daily shipments across Europe
  • Full EDI connection for an automated & cost efficient cooperation
  • Where required, overstock clearance & liquidation support
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Additional information on our services

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Retail Strategy & Marketing


Automated System Integration

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Product rework


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