Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section you find the frequently asked questions from our web visitors and business partners. We’d be happy to extend the list based on your feedback. Please do not hesitate to contact us at for further suggestions or clarifications.


Why do you focus only on the mid and long tail channel?

There are two main reasons why we think we would provide our business partners relatively less added value with lead tail distribution:

  1. the lead tail usually either reaches high enough volumes to buy directly from manufacturers, or is already strongly covered by well established distributors in the industry
  2. new brand launches can be costly which can be manufacturers’ barrier to new market entry (e.g. time-consuming negotiations, shelf space cost, listing commitments, etc.)

In the mid and long tail, on the other hand, Fordist Group can deliver excellent added value as we believe there mostly is a strong potential to increase your channel market share and achieve incremental sales.

What is your distribution product portfolio?

We are a multi-category distributor and fulfilment provider that generally is flexible on the products, regardless on the size, weight or type. We have direct partnerships with many leading brands and would be happy to share references and insights into our portfolio if you wish to start a cooperation.

Please contact to arrange a meeting.

Can I buy from Fordist Group?

Currently new buyer partnerships are on invitation-only basis. We are very careful on the final destination of our distributed products and prioritize partners that support our channel plans and can provide transparency in this respect.

Please contact if you wish to further discuss this and eventually be put on the waiting list.


Do you also offer B2C fulfilment?

In 2016-2017 Fordist Group focuses on B2B partnerships only.

Retail Strategy & Marketing

Is it possible to hire the team for a consultancy project if we don't have any distribution partnership?

Unfortunately not. We believe our unique advantage is the provision of retail intelligence & strategy combined with the actual ability to logistically implement and track all solutions in an efficient and effective way. In this respect we would like to reserve the team’s capacity for our distribution partners.

Corporate Sustainability

Can I get more insights into how you spent the 10% you committed to?

Definitely. On request we will always provide full transparency on all our activities, and a selected number of projects will be shared on the website. The program starts in 2017, so from begin 2018 onwards this will be shared on yearly basis.