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B2B Order Fulfilment

We provide our partners a completely tailored outsourced logistics offering warehousing, pick & pack, labelling, product rework, and transport. Our state of the art warehouse management solution will ensure fast and reliable processing, and automated instant reporting to and communication with your systems (e.g. EDI).

Below is an overview of 10 benefits of outsourcing your fulfilment to Fordist Group.

General industry benefits of outsourcing fulfilment

1. (Re)focus your management on what you do best

Managing your own fulfilment involves significant time investment in many aspects such as for example peak season hiring, storage space issues, transport & delivery administration with your customers, management of your own fleet or daily coordination with logistics providers, etc. Moreover, leading retailers continue to streamline and optimize their logistical operations based on their internal processes which eventually can require significant administration and coordination time on your side.

Outsourcing fulfilment will free up more time for what matters most to you: Marketing & Sales, strategic business planning, product development, etc.

2. Lower your operating cost

The most apparent cost of doing your own fulfilment is the required management time & focus, but also the financial cost is generally higher than it may be perceived: storage space, utilities, recruitment investments & salaries, software, insurance, taxes, maintenance, forklifts, packing supplies, technology (upgrade) investments, etc.

Outsourcing fulfilment to for example Fordist Group will enable you to share these overhead costs across our client base, effectively making the financial burden minimal for everyone. Due to the fulfilment companies’ high transport volumes they usually can also negotiate batter rates with parcel and freight carriers – even more if the warehouse is geographically well located  (see transport section). With strict accountability of your stock you will have no more frustrations on shipping errors or with miscounted, misplaced or misidentified onsite inventory.

Moreover, since you only pay for the services whenever they are required this eliminates unnecessary high per-unit logistic overhead when your business does not go as planned and your warehouse works at lower than 100% capacity.

3. Increase your business flexibility

The “pay as you go” fulfilment business model gives you the flexibility to quickly ramp up or gear down your shipments practically on demand. In this respect you don’t need to worry about, for example, finding & training temporary staff, or managing additional storage space in peak seasons or promotional periods.

Moreover, large projects will be more feasible and exposed to less risk as you would no longer require significant fixed upfront investments without knowing whether it will scale as expected. This benefit eventually makes any project financially more viable and enables a better cash flow.

Additional benefits of outsourcing fulfilment to Fordist Group

4. Efficient storage and distribution

Outsourcing fulfilment can deliver you significant more efficiency in both your management and the cost of your storage and logistics. Fordist Group’s streamlined pick & pack processes combined with a sophisticated state of the art management system offer excellent order accuracy, if required even on serial number level. This software will be integrated with your systems for automated order and stock management and easy control from your systems.

Fordist Group also continues to invest every year in hardware that make our services more efficient and effective. The latest investment was automated pallet wrapping and dimension control for secure and reliable transport.

Moreover, our warehouse is strategically located in the center of Europe which enables cost-effective and fast transport. Based in Pilsen (Czech Republic) it borders 5 EU countries in near distance and reaches 26 countries in less than 1000km.

5. Automated System Integration

Our state of the art warehouse management system ensures highest accuracy and reliability in our day-to-day inventory management. Moreover, we can integrate both your and our systems in order to have a fully automated cooperation (e.g. via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)) with practically “live mutual communication” on all stock, transport and sales related matters. This includes for example stock inventory updates, order processing, advance shipment notifications, and sales reports.

6. Cost efficient product rework

We can tailor your products individually to your market, channel or promotion needs, whether it involves developing, manufacturing and implementing complete new packaging (e.g. multipacks, bundles), or just adding promotional materials or products to existing boxes.

As these reworks are tailored and often temporary they usually are labour intensive and cannot be streamlined or automated. However since our warehouse is based in the Czech Republic where total industry labour cost is 60% lower* than the average in EU-28 we are able to provide you very affordable solutions. Learn more about product rework here.

* Source: Eurostat (2016) Labour cost levels by NACE Rev. 2 activity. 2015 data, total figures taken for Industry, construction and services (except public administration, defense, compulsory social security)

7. Flexibility in your product portfolio

Whereas some fulfilment centers may focus only on one or limited number of product categories (e.g.  sortable & “easier to streamline”-sized items), Fordist Group offers you full flexibility regarding the size, weight or type of the your product. This is especially interesting for partners with a large diversified product portfolio, or those who consider potentially expanding it in the mid term. We also handle fragile products that require special care and packaging guidelines.

8. Incremental sales potential

One major difference between a distribution and fulfilment partnership is that the fulfilment company usually ships only to your customers on your behalf.

Thanks to its distribution business Fordist Group has strong salesforce and access to a growing retail network. This provides you an excellent opportunity, at any stage of our fulfilment cooperation, to simultaneously enter a distribution cooperation and access to new channels or markets with Fordist Group.

Our Market Entry & Channel Management team in the Retail Strategy & Marketing department will be happy to carefully plan your expansion goals.

9. Reduce overstock or liquidate damaged goods

Fordist Group can help if you need to reduce your overstock inventory and your existing channels are saturated, or if you simply would like to accelerate the market transition to your new product line-up. Learn more about inventory clearance here.

10. No setup fee

We do not require any set up or administration fee, so you can try our services without financial risk.

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