Friendly happy warehouse worker in a high visibility jacket standing in the warehouse with a product bag over his shoulder smiling at the camera, head and shoulders view

Efficient Pick & Pack

Our Pick & Pack services include picking, product rework, packing and dispatch of goods in boxes or pallets through safe & reliable transport, and processing all information and documents needed for the pick&pack.p>

We can offer daily dispatch solutions and the following are among our pick & pack services:

  • Receiving and processing your or your clients’ order information
  • Pick your products
  • Rework your products (e.g. sales multipacks, labelling, insertion of leaflets or manuals)
  • Pack your order
  • Automated security & safety wrapping of pallets
  • Automated pallet dimension quality control
  • Shipment via air, land or sea
  • Document processing (invoices, shipping labels, bills of delivery, etc.)

All rework will be done on the standard operation procedures (SOPs) that we designed for you and undergo our quality control process. Our state of the art warehouse management system will secure a smooth and efficient process.

Smiling warehouse workers preparing a shipment in a large warehouse