Inventory clearance

Many manufacturers face at some point the challenge of end of life (EOL) overstock that impedes the transition to the new, usually more profitable and/or competitive product line-up.

With Fordist Group, both distribution and fulfilment partners can leverage our access to a wide international distribution network, including a growing number of resellers who are interested in product clearance offers. Fordist Group helps you to reduce your inventory in a fast and efficient way to implement strong sales promotions and temporarily distribute the products to new sales channels.

This is a great opportunity to reduce your overstock inventory if your existing channels are saturated, or if you simply would like to accelerate the market transition to your new product line-up.

Moreover, whenever necessary we can also support you with clearing damaged or unhealthy stock (e.g. from customer returns) through our liquidation channels.

If required, the Tactical Sales & Marketing team of our Retail Strategy & Marketing department can support your inventory clearance planning to, for example, reduce the potential business impact on your focus distribution channels.