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Product Rework

We offer many rework services in order to make your products ready for your Marketing and Sales activities, meet your packaging and/or product requirements , or simply taking professional product pictures for usage online or in brochures.

Please find some examples below but feel free to contact us to further discuss your tailored needs.

  • printing of labels and inserting them into the box
  • packing of promotional sales packages (e.g. multipacks)
  • repacking of returned products with damaged packaging
  • adding additional items to the box (e.g. instruction manuals, cables)
  • taking multi angle pictures of the products
  • shrink wrap, making gift packages
  • replenishment & coordination of your product rework materials (e.g. printing instruction manuals, promotional leaflets, boxes etc.)

As these reworks are tailored and often temporary they are labour intensive and cannot be streamlined nor automated. However we can still offer competitive pricing as our warehouse is based in the Czech Republic where total industry labour cost is 60% lower* than the average in EU-28.

Our Tactical Sales & Marketing team in the Retail Strategy & Marketing department can support you in the development of your seasonal promotional needs that maximize your ROI.

* Source: Eurostat (2016) Labour cost levels by NACE Rev. 2 activity. 2015 data, total figures taken for Industry, construction and services (except public administration, defense, compulsory social security)