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Market Entry & Channel Management

Whether you want to expand your channel coverage in one of your markets, or plan a new market entry, Fordist Group can develop a tailored strategy that meets your needs.

For the channels we are specialised on we can subsequently take care of the retailer negotiations, logistics, forecasting and where applicable all the paperwork (e.g. cross continental business). For other channels, leveraging our fulfilment services can help you to not only reach lower transportation cost, but also to fully devote your management resources on what matters most: further growing your brand.

A well thought out distribution and pricing strategy is absolutely crucial for sustainable and effective channel management, especially in for example Europe given the complexity of the European market landscape.

The European Union (EU) and European Free Trade Association (EFTA) represent a single market through a standardized system of laws, enabling with only limited exceptions the free trade of goods across 32 countries. These countries however come each with differing market segment characteristics which make it difficult for manufacturers to have a unified pricing & channel strategy for the whole region. To name a few: (i) consumer buying power (e.g. 2013 real adjusted gross disposable household income per capita differing from €8.9K in Bulgaria to €28.2k in Switzerland*1), (ii) consumer brand preferences (e.g. each country has on average 5 unique Top10 brands*2), (iii) channel structures (e.g. total online retail shares in 2018 will differ in Western Europe from 2.3% in Greece to 15.0% in the UK*3), (iv) competition and pricing, and (v) 14 currencies.

Below are few examples of how Fordist Group can support you

  • Planning of your brand’s new (multi-)market entry, incl. flagship product launches
  • Sales management offline vs. online channel management
  • Cross-country market pricing strategy
  • Market/channel segmentation of your product portfolio and strategic sales implementation & maintenance

*1 Eurostat (2016),*2 brandindex.com (2015, referred to unique top10 brands in EU7: UK, DE, FR, NL, NO, SE, DK), *3 Forrester Research (2014), excludes categories such as travel, cars, and prescription drugs, and neither food and drink sales at restaurants or fast-food chains, C2C commerce, or gasoline sales.