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Tactical Sales & Marketing

Challenging budgets often require an additional Sales & Marketing push in particular markets or product segments where you are less competitive. Fordist Group helps you reach your sales goals with cost-effective seasonal promotions and initiatives and needless to say we make sure that they are fully logistically integrated from day 1.

Based on our customer experience and market insights we implement tactical sales actions or design and produce sales-driven Marketing campaigns to increase your brand’s market share in peak seasons. This includes, but is not limited to, production of promotional packaging (e.g. for multipacks), promotional materials and gifts (e.g. bundle presents, leaflets) or online Sales Marketing (e.g. product placements, short-term vouchers). Where applicable we of course take care of the product rework – the localization and repackaging of the products in our warehouse for each of your destination markets.

In case the tactical actions will be limited to selected retail customers the Retail Strategy & Marketing team supports your planning in reducing potential cross-channel/market friction.